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Celsona - The article

Here is the article translated:

"I am preparing an exhibition in the library with paintings of Australian animals and Catalan" Clare Kelly, her projects, her family

Australian to Solsona, Clare and familt have been here now for a year and a half. They had travelled here long ago and were delighted by the town. So the opportunity for collaboration between the University of Melbourne and Technology Center Solson├Ęs made an oppertunity for a two year collaboration. They are here until September, but would like to return at some point.

Clare: "In September we go back to Melbourne, but we really want to return here in Solsona. It's a familiar and beautiful town, with spectacular surroundings "

Luke is a scientist researching fire, fauna and flora here in Catalonia for two years. Australia, despite being the furthest point of the globe in Catalonia, it has many similarities with the Catalan territory. Clare had been five years working an industrial designer at Ford Motor Company before heading back into pure Graphic Design work. And her passion, in addition to graphic design, is illustration. Especially animal: "I am preparing an exhibition to be held in the library with paintings of Australian and Catalan animals. Lot's of speicies relate and they have similar features even though they are so far apart."

Clare: "When you go into a graphic design world, you look into colors, shapes, forms, typography ..."

Clare attempts to keep the passions alive, the point being that you never stop learning. She had always been clear that she wanted to be an artist, and graphic design was the way to be able to live, alternating projects with illustrations. Each project makes is indervidual. And every six months she is looking for new thing to learn related to her profession. Thus, apart from having customers in the canton of graphic design, Clare also sells illustrations online and designs and codes web pages.

Clare: "I'm always learning: graphics, web coding ... Every six months I ask myself to learn something new. What's going on in my professional world? What can I learn? "
Clare: "In Australia, you need two or three days to drive from city to city, and are they really different from each other. Melbourne is full of cultural activity. Sydney is a city to business, and Brisbon, to relax "

In Australia, unlike Catalonia, you need to drive two or three days to go from one big city to another. They lived in Melbourne, very similar to Barcelona: modern, vibrant, with a controversial architecture and a strong cultural life. Clare Kelly, "we often go to Barcelona, but we love Solsona and its old town." Within a few days, Clare will begin teaching a watercolor basics class in English, and we are waiting for her exhibition; illustrations of Australian and Catalan animals.

Clare valued bilingualism with children naturally grow in Catalonia, "Neve already speaks in Catalan, and is well intergrated. I'm learning slowly. I like how Catalan sounds, really. When you conjugated a verb, you also need to add many nuances and accents. In English, we build the verb form as we speak. Each language is a new world". What about that mix languages and worlds in this interviews?

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